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The angel of music and inspiration to artist, The burning one, The 7th archangel, The angel with the most beautiful voice in heaven. It is said that in Judgment Day he will stand on the walls of Jerusalem and blow his trumpet, the sound of the trumpet will be so horrible that it will awake the dead. And every soul that ever lived will come forth ot be judged before God, and the end of the world will come. Three times a day and three times a night, Israfel looks down to the depths of Hell and see the horrors and suffering of the souls. He sheds tears of sorrow and agony for the souls, and it is said that one day the earth will be flooded by those tears.
-The Tears Of Israfel.

"None sing so wildly well
As the angel Israfel,
And the giddy stars (so legends tell),
Ceasing their hymns, attend the spell
Of his voice, all mute."

- Edgar Allan Poe.


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Tears of Israfel is a Doom-Black Metal band from Israel, that involves Goth and Oriental influences.

Itai Mazor - Bass
Ori Kariv - Drums
Tamir Gross - Keyboards
Tomas Yeltzin - Guitars & Lead Vocals
Omri Luzon aka KS - Guitars & Lead Vocals

Mirit Delman (for the great help and magnificent vocals), A very special thanks to Ido Elian for the help with the name!, Tal Goldenberg (for the great vocals!), Yelena, Omer Kinnamon & Kadarlaomer© (wherever you're guys, we hope you'll regroup!), Ohad Kogeman, Gur Shpigel, Oded Kahn, Amit Moreno, Talia Meir, Lotan, Dani Luzon, Groove, Daniela Vos, Meiron Kleytman-Blackstein (especially for the line in "Sentinel"™), Ziv Gal, Eldad Jaeger, Lee Owen - for the help on the website!!! The Muza club - Netanya,Kobi Hason, Roni, Ronen Tziyoni, and to all our fans!

Special thanks to those who helped us in the making of our Demo:
The beautiful Or Kalev - our amazing front cover model!
Yael Pincus (not with K!!!) - for the magnificent work on the photos!
Yaron from Spawn of Evil.

last updated! - 5/8/2002

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